Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dad is the MAN!

So why is it that I can spend the entire day with the kiddos, give them sustanance, attention, snuggles, read books and play games, but the second Dad walks in I am cold liver pate? Dad is their favorite toy, and I mean toy. He can't get near the floor without a four year old bolting across the room to tackle him, followed shortly by his three year old compadre, rushing to the scrum to add his two bits. I have to admit, I don't envy the floor brawling, certainly, one floor check, and the boys would certainly be sitting in 'time out', but, it would be nice to have them be so excited at anything I do. Dad just has to walk in the room and he is an instant hero. I can only imagine such an animated response to mac and cheese. GO MOM... you ROCK.... whew.... or the fact that they can find clean superman underwear. No, the excitement isn't there, but I imagine a similar reception after I am gone all day. Yes, Dad is their favorite toy... but Mom... well... she's Mom. A day in the life....


  1. Dad will always be hero to the kids, but boys will always have a special bond with their mothers. Great post and I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Your sons adore you! You are just always with them! It is so great that kevin will get on the floor with them and play! My dad didn't do that and neither did your dad's dad! Just wait until they are all out for the furniture!

  3. glad to see you have a blog! Welcome to the clan.